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Well that was just gross!


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The upstairs bathroom toilet stopped up.  Again.  It's one of those low-flow fancy things.  This time it really clogged up.  No amount of plunging worked.  Snaked it.  No good.  It wouldn't make the two turns this toilet has in the base.  My next option was to pull the toilet up, which I did not want to do.  I gave it some thought and wondered if using the wet/dry vacuum would work.  I looked it up on a DIY site and sure enough they showed how to go about doing it. 

It was totally gross, but it worked.  At least I didn't have to pull the toilet.  And no, I don't think the other chemical options would have worked with the crap that came out of it.  You really need to double flush those low-flow toilets.    

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