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Dotman's inspector missed this small problem...

Road Runner

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1 hour ago, Square Wheels said:

I have one in my bathroom that has a nightlight in it.  If you put any in where you want a tiny amount of light, consider one with a night light.  I love it.

I'ma guessing those are the Test/Reset lights?

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I would have had TK do my inspection.  


I'd say 75% is pretty much straight forward that any lout could do like 'if you leave those cracks in the concrete untreated, they'll continue to grow' or 'this outlet next to the faucet is non-GFCI' or 'hey, look that chimney is crumbling' or 'this outlet in room #3 has reverse polarity'.  But it's the other 25% that I am most appreciative.  In fact, it's the other 25% that tell me if I should buy a house or not.

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4 hours ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

I don't get it.

Isn't this what they mean when they refer to electric current? Looks like it's working perfectly to me.

No resistance so it's truly free flowing.

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