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No Beanz?!?!!? AKA Sunday Milers


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Did a easy 20 mile spin with the Mrs.  Got a late start as we slept in and took SART to HB, cruised up to the HB Pier and then home.  Thought with the later than usual start I might come across Beanz and his train but alas no Beanz... Did have a Beanz type moment though... On my way towards HB there was a pretty stiff headwind.   There was a guy who was ahead of us but we were making steady ground on the guy so I went ahead and passed him.  I figured the guy would be smart enough to hop on and at the wooden cross over bridge and I noticed he was still there but at the water treatment plant I looked back and both my wife and the dude were gone?!?!!?  So i slowed up and the dude caught up with me.  He was nice enough to thank me for the break and said, man you are strong!!!!   Well I was only doing about 13 MPH in the stiff wind and my knees were aching due to not having ridden in weeks but hey I'll take the compliment. 

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Bummer! We hit the beach stop about 1:30 today. We only hung out for 20 minutes so we could take advantage of the tailwind before it shifted. It was pretty windy on the trail. Heading to Imperial we hit a massive headwind and doing about 15 mph. Then 25 miles alter another massive headwind to the coast. I was pushing pretty good the last leg to PCH on the trail but Strava had me averaging 13.5 the last mile and a half. :lol:


41 miles today with Gina on the singles including Aimee and Jose at 15.4 average speed. Not bad considering Gina has really struggled the last couple of rides. Today she hung tough! Second day of riding and not having done 2 consecutive days for quite some time. 85 or so for the weekend so she did very well.

Minimum temp was 64 and I didn't take my windbreaker so I was freezing. 64 yeah but felt much colder, maybe because of the wind.

These pics were after riding into a strong headwind then turning around at Imperial heading back to the coast with a tailwind for a few miles. That's why they are smiling and not gasping for air! :D 





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