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Oh Man We May Never Leave The House...


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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that several of the channels our cable provider gave us were now dead... Damn our year long special offers ended. So yesterday we went to the local office (it's 1/2 block from me) and we asked the CS rep for any specials they have going.  They were able to give us HBO, Cinemax and Showtime plus more sports packages for basically the same price we were paying. Previously we only had Showtime.   Last night we watched Deadpol than I stayed up waay too late watching The Hurt Locker.  This morning My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and later today?!?!?  Oh and we have enhanced WiFi and they gave us a new modem so we have even faster internet speed and more bandwidth. 

I don't know if any of you guys do this but whenever our rates go up or we see free channels drop off we always ask them for specials and they always are able to do something to either lower our rates or give us more channels for the same rate.   I don't think many people ever negotiate their cable packages, they just take the increases... 

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