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Mozzarella Monday


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I imagine you made your own crust. You just seem to be one who cooks from scratch ingredients

over here in the States, we sell pizza crusts in the frozen section of the grocery. You buy the ready made crust, and make your pizza with that. Or you just buy the entire frozen pizza and just heat it up. Or you call and have one delivered

But what you don't so is actually start with flour and water and end up with a pizza like that

looks like the sort of thing my Italian friends make

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37 minutes ago, Nate said:

we sell pizza crusts in the frozen section of the grocery

Not sure about the Badlands of PA, but you can buy uncooked dough (not frozen) in the grocery store here. There's one bakery that sells really good dough. We usually start with that.

I was on the verge of building a brick oven in the backyard, then someone decided she needs to keep her carb intake to a minimum, I still might do it anyway.

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