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Did we actually land on the moon?


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1 minute ago, Longjohn said:

Haven't been back for almost fifty years.  What does that tell you?

I believed in Lance for a long time.  Common sense told me he was dirty, but I didn't want to believe.

I believe that we went to the moon, common sense tells me we did not.  But I want to believe.


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We had a boss at work, six & a half feet of mean & ugly. So ugly Joe chews on Marty's ass for about 5 minutes straight, and then asks "any questions ?"

Marty looks up from staring at his feet, looks Joe straight in the eye, and asks, "Joe, do you believe that we landed on the moon ?"

Joe kind of sputtered, spun in a slow circle, and walked away.

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11 hours ago, Road Runner said:

You think it was a hoax that many thousands of people at NASA, the contractors and the military were in on and no one ever spilled the beans?  

Naa.  All fake news.  :huh:  

We will not go to the moon till the Grey's let us.

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13 hours ago, ChrisL said:

I heard somewhere that the computers of the day had less processing power than a current cell phone! I can't imagine strapping myself into a rocket for that mission with that many risks but I think we did it. 

no, it was more like less than a hand held calculator from the late 1970s

your cellphone was fucking Star Trek compared to the Apollo program

yes, we went.

the Russians would have known if we were FOS, and would have gleefully busted us if we just made it all up on a Hollywood studio lot. They have radar and actually tracked our Apollo flights, like they tracked everything launched into space in the late 60s that was big enough to carry nuclear weapons. Get a fucking grip. this sort of thing is what happens when people look to the internet for answers.


convinced now?

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23 hours ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

I once saw a documentary on the History Channel called Apollo 18.  It presented a whole bunch of true real facts to support that we did indeed go to the moon, and why we've never been back.

"True real facts"??

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It is amazing that we were able to get to the moon at all on the level of technology used.  Everybody knows about Apollo 13 but few remember that Apollo 12 went dark 40 odd seconds after launch after not one but two "lightning bolts" hit the craft.  Rapid thinking on the ground managed to tell the crew how to rapidly reset all the systems.

Conrad, the command pilot later admitted to some serious worrying.  As I remember it he said he was torn between firing the escape rockets and aborting the multi million dollar flight or arriving in orbit with a dead ship.

I do not remember which commander once commented on his pre-launch thoughts while sitting on top of 150 thousand parts produced by the low bidder.

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yea, I grew up in Houston and went to the Johnson Space Center when I was a kid. Its amazing we ever got anybody back. A water landing, too, because we couldn't drop them on the ground without killing everybody. I remember how Apollo 13's radio went out and when we didn't hear anything after the ionosphere, it was pretty bleak. Then it was Navy lookouts that spotted their chutes. That's how close they were to being lost at sea after all that.

Hard to imagine they didn't have a GPS, but those satellites weren't up there when they were doing all that

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