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1/17/16 Miles


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Just now, Airehead said:

New bikes are generally motivating!  Yeah!

I am really looking forward to this one. It should be a very fun ride.  It will not be the best on the road, but I don't really care about that.  I may keep my seek, because it isn't worth that much to sell.  It;s worth more in my hands.  Although my husband has been teasing me, because I now will have more bikes than he does.  I will have 5 now.  5 isn't too many, right?  :whistle:

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We had a HUD inspection...I went to 50 apartments..the the tv guy was here...I went to more apartments..then I looked at paint colors after work and stopped at office depot...wen I put the fitbit on the charger I had 8 flights of steps (I have done 2 more since) and 11450 in steps....I am probably over 12 but the fitbit is now charging.


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