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The Birds Are Confused...


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not all birds vamoose for the winter. The ones who stick around are going to enjoy a break in the cold

also, I've noticed that my geese and ducks disappear when the lake is completely frozen over, but will be back within 24 hours when it thaws enough to have some open water

that means that the birds don't go all that far. In 10 hours they can cover 250-300 miles, so overnight they could get back here from Virginia

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19 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

Or maybe spring is around the corner in SoCal?   It's a bright but a bit cool Tues morning and we have more storms coming in later in the week.  But the birds are chirping like crazy outside today?!?!? 

I hiked the Klamath wildlife refuge yesterday.  My friend and I stopped by these batch of trees and listened to the birds. Despite the weather being in the 20's, those birds were so loud.  I used JSharrs cartoon joke and told my friend that they were all yelling about having sex.  :)

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