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Have not given you people indianay pics in a while.


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50 minutes ago, Old#7 said:

Nice pics, I need to submit some from VA but they always post upside down. Did you take those standing on yer head so they'd post right side up?

i posted from the iphone.  It looked like they were initially upside down.  I came back this evening to get my ribbing and heckling and see if I could fix them on the laptop.  To my surprise it appeared that someone had fixed them already.

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1 hour ago, JerrySTL said:

Except for the last photo, those roads look great. I've done some riding on the Ohio-Indiana boarder near Harrison. You could tell what state you were in by the roads. Indiana was great and Ohio was chip and tar.

A good portion of those pics were on one long road.  Last year I would not have ridden my road bike on it.  Cross bike only.  It got repaved since then.  As you can see, my cross bike was not needed today.  Last year it all looked like the last pic.  IT was pretty horrid.

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41 minutes ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

Nice!  I especially like the first one and the one where the tree frame each side of the road.  In the summer, I'd bet it looks like a green canopy.

It's nice to ride up.  It is very rolling.  Tree canopy in the summer.  Lots of fun.

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