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My brother in law likes his fancy whiskey


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his wife enjoys fancy cooking. So on a weekday home from work she decided to cook up something special. 

Recipe called for a shot of whiskey, she grabbed his trophy bottle of single malt whatever off the mantle and cooked up a storm.

He comes home, notices the empty spot on the mantle, and asks, very nicely, (they are nice people)  where his whiskey went.  She see's a perfect opportunity to fuck with her man and seizes it.

Tells him she got bored with sitting around the house and decided to get smashed.

He gets a concerned look on his face, holds her hands in his, and gently tells her that that particular bottle of booze was very expensive, and that if she just want's to get hammered she should drink the stuff from the liquor cabinet.

She stands up straight, cranks the icy cold up to eleven, maybe twelve, and says "so you don't care if your wife's a drunk, as long as she's a cheap drunk"

I don't know how the dinner went....  

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