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Can you guess the number of protests in PDX tomorrow?


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PORTLAND, Ore. -- The city of Portland is bracing for at least nine anti-Trump demonstrations, protest.gif rallies and marches between Thursday morning and Saturday afternoon.:runcirclsmiley:

The largest of which, Saturday’s Women’s March on Portland, is set to draw 35,000 people to the city’s downtown core.

On Wednesday afternoon Mayor Ted Wheeler, Police Chief Mike Marshman, members of the Portland Business Alliance and organizers of the Women’s March held a news conference at City Hall to lay out their expectations for the upcoming protests.



...I'm gonna go with at least seven.  Am I close ?  Did I miss it by much ?:huh:  What's second prize ?:foryou: 

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It starts off in the afternoon with flag burning. Then marching. And yelling.  Trying to close down bridges & freeways near downtown. Police have blocked the bridges. Previous mayor let them go willy nilly. The new mayor seems to have a pair. Now the throwing of projectiles. First ice balls (snow) now road flares & bottles. The police have done some pepper spray. Next is tear gas. That will be coming soon

Lil Scrapr has to go to work tonight at 11:00 right in the middle of this  :angry:

And police pick up a rioter from Election night. Homemade torch too


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