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Wilbur is George Bush


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16 hours ago, Road Runner said:

George doesn't look well, does he?   :(

If I'm lucky enough to make it to 92 I don't think I'm going to care much what I look like.

On a related note - the hospital administration this morning discovered an unexpected tax increase.

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3 hours ago, dotman17 said:

I'd rather be short on my o's than on my hair.  :flirtyeyess:

Me as well but that wasn't a controllable option.  Clearly, it makes you a superior person.  <<(code for go fuck yourself):)  

I will just have to settle for a full and interesting life, 32 years of happy marriage, a couple of happy, healthy, well balanced kids, financial security and a life without addictions.  Damn that full head of hair though.. 

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