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Where is Ralph?

Road Runner

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you know, I just did some arithmetic, and Mary was 34 in 1970 when the show started, so she was 40 or 41 when the show ended

she never looked to me like someone who was in her late 30s on the MTM show. On the show, in the first season she said in her interview with Lou Grant that she was 30, and that's about what age she looked like on the show


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8 hours ago, Road Runner said:

Christy kicked his ass tonight.  :)  She's pretty damn good.  Three excellent contestants and she blew them away.   

She was very quick on the draw!  He was more slow but steady.  That's what makes Jeopardy so much fun to watch - it is all aboot the people and personalities.  Amazing how he looked so good the last two nights but he was basically pantsed last night. :D

And yeah, the third guy made a respectable showing also. :)

And I don;t remember too may Final Jeopardies where the outcome is all but assured with a 2:1+ lead, although there are many cases where it would take a Cliff Clavin bet and wrong answer for the leader to lose. :D



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