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Saturday 1/28 Miles


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I worked out in the gym this morning at 7 am. The workout was jump rope, split jerk and ball slams.  Also, I did rower and a ton of stretching. 

8.8 miles on my new Fuse. Only 6.6 mph with about 664 ft of gain.  My ride was on packed snowy trails  It was super tricky.  My ride was basically just riding on the snow that hikers and skiers had packed down. Temps were mid twenties and sunny. 

After the ride, I came home for a warm bath and more stretching.  Climbing out of the dark tunnel that sucked me in the last month or so.  Feeling so much better lately.

My new Fuse has a name now.  She will be referred to as Freya from here on out. 

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My plan to ride was foiled by a call to Mom. I was going to visit today for an hour or so and she said that she fell off the step stool this morning. She knows she's not supposed to use the stool but she's stubborn. Irish stubborn. Banged her elbow, head and hurt her lower back. I'm fine now she says. Mom, call the advice nurse, I think we should go to urgent care. I'll be right there. Urgent care did a CAT scan and that showed no signs of internal bleeding so she was released with instructions not to climb shit anymore. Stopped for lunch at Chic fil a at 2:30. She liked it, said it was her first time there. I'm not real sure about that last statement but it could be true.

Met a friend at the Vienna Inn for a beer. She had an interview on Friday with a school for a physician's assistant program. The interview was all day and she was stressing over that and a test she had to take for organic chemistry. I listened. and drank beer.

Made a yuuge pot of chili, with beans. Made my own chili powder too. Roasted some dried Ancho and Arbol chiles, added tortilla chips (serves as thickener like masa), cumin, coriander, paprika, chipotle, garlic, thyme, oregano, salt and pepper. Processed that into a powder in the food processor.

Five pounds ground beef, onions, garlic, tomatoes with green chiles, jalapeno peppers, 8 ounces pinto beans, and chicken stock. Slow cooked in the oven for two hours.

Note: wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling cut jalapenos.

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52 miles at 16.2 average and some REALLY tough headwinds. I rode alone today seeing as my partner cheesed out on me last week. I told the guy I was going to do 50 again and if he wanted to ride with me, he had to do his share as I am not happy pulling somebody mile after mile while they just sit back and enjoy the ride. If I am going to suffer in headwind, he better plan to suffer as well. He said he would sit this one out after viewing the forecast with that said "WIND!".  :whistle: Gina sat out as her cold from a couple weeks back seems to have showed it's face again during midweek. So she said she would sit out today. I just said OK, but really, I think it was that she too saw the wind forecast last night on TV. :D 

So I headed off alone and it was rather nice not having to worry about babying another dude. Gina yes, I will baby her but when the guys turn into babies, C'mon!

So being able to hold your own steady pace was rather nice even if it was into some stiff headwinds. The warm up was 10 miles straight into the wind in Yorba Linda (any locals can tell you it's a wind tunnel there. I got to Gypsum Cyn, my turnaround and boy was I happy to see it. Part of the way back to the coast was a good tailwind. I was holding 18-19 without even pedaling!

Once I got to my rest stop I was 38 miles into the ride. Had a chat with some friends there then headed back alone into more monster headwinds. At times I was doing efforts that I know will get me 22-23 MPH but looking down at the speedometer, I was doing 14! :lol:

Oh well, it was nice to do my own ride!

Some bad photography, shadows on my face but I kinda like this picture! Had a couple others but with the sun block, it looks like a bird pooped on my face! :P






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Gym. Quite a few resolutionists. Medium heavy workout.  Did some lunges that seem to be the first thing to get dropped when I get slack. Got around the machines twice. Been stretching enough lately that I think I'm seeing some improvement. The bionic leg is cramping a bit when I do that yoga swan thing. Didn't before, now it is. Dunno. 

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