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I did not get as much done today


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Laundry...3 loads including a nasty rug and my slippers..done by 9 AM...Helped my co-worker haul off the carpeting..her husband couldn't make the trip...tried to figure out the 401k crap for a bit...picked up a dustpan at the dollar store...they did not have the mop I was looking for..had brunch (a sammie) went to Menards...the midwest home improvement store..got a line of credit and brought home 1 box of flooring so the repair guys have some clue as to what I am installing...stopped at the grocery store....I napped for about an hour and woke up pretty groggy...I will get a few more tack strips out....and  may take a half day this week....I have not picked up paint yet...:whistle:

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I was entertained my granddaughters pretty much all day.  Life is good.  Donuts in the morning before church with the girls, then wife and I went to Red Lobster for lunch, came home and then my son brought all four girls over to use the hot tub.  After the hot tub they had some pizza and fruit, they just left. 





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