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If You See Me, Bring Me Gifts!

Mr. Beanz

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Got another gift from another rider. Hmm, speedometers, tires, bottles, coins, blinkies, jerseys, food, fish, and now a hat.

I really an a douche bag but the gifts keep coming! :lol:


Gina asked me the other day, about a ride that called me a douche bag on the bike. Not sure if you remember but he had called me a DB a few times under his breath as we crossed paths. One day it was just Gina and I, he said it loud enough for me to hear it this time, clearly. I turned around and chased him down and confronted him. He wasn't wuite the tough guy when I pulled up on his side.  :whistle:

I posted the story on my blog and just for kicks since he shows up at the beach stop 75% of the time we are there, I said that if he ever showed up at the beach stop when my friends were around, I was really going to go off on him just to embarrass him in front of my friends.:lol:

He must have read my blog and believed me cause he hasn't been back, not even on the trail and that was back in August of 2016! :dontknow: He must have been reading my blog. :P


Really, I would not have done it, he almost pissed his pants when I confronted him so confronting him in front of everyone would be shart material! ^_^

So anyway, some people bring me gifts, and some call me a DB! I'm winning in the gift department!

The hat given to me this weekend. Looks well ventilated for after rides. My old hat is getting pretty thrashed.






The guy Steve that called me a DB. BTW, those Mavic Ksyriums weren't much help to him trying to get away into a headwind! :lol:



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