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Is everyone in Lansing an interrupting asshat?


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6 minutes ago, parodybot said:

so I am in Lansing yesterday visiting my uncle Jimmy, who got a gig at a pharmacy filling pill bottles after getting cut loose from welding truck frames at Ford a few years back.

So Uncle J does not get off until 4 pm, so I decide to kill a few hours at Panera Bread, decent food and wifi.  There were a couple of guys in the booth behind me when I got there.  Neither one's puck sat flat on the ice if you follow me.

One guy is dominating the conversation and giving his coworker, who seemed like a nice guy, just a bit spineless, the stink eye.  The poor guy was so flustered that he was having a hard time finishing his sentences before this jerk would jump down his throat, or blurt out stuff like "you are a moron, that was worse than your last answer, I give it a 2.01!"

So long story short, I start finishing sentences for Larry.  Larry would say something like, "well, in practice I think we should stream line the process...." and I would chime in with stuff like "unless you have a better idea, you bloated gas bag". I could tell Larry was appreciative, because every time I would chime in, he would smile, nod and then move on.

I could tell it was getting to the jerk, because after about 5 or 6 of my zingers, the guy turns around and tries to give me the stink eye.  Looked sort of like he was farting while trying to hold in a sneeze.

I wish he would have come at me, I would have kicked his butt up around his ears so he could be a literal ass hat and not just act like one.


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