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Will you be buying this?


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3 hours ago, TrentonStrong said:

But I feel like, in order to sing songs like this, you need to be able to, well, sing.

That's probably why I won't buy it, because (my apologies) I don't think that's what Dylan does.  Instead of singing he makes some whiny noises through his nose, from what I can tell.  Oh, and occasionally he toots the harmonica.

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I got to agree, I've never ever once thought, "I wish I could sing like that!".   And that is from someone who desperately wishes he could sing! :lol:

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I probably won't buy it but I will probably get it. My kids know I'm a big Dylan fan so it will show up. I think it's funny Dylan doing covers, he is a song writer. His voice has really improved since the last cd my son bought me. On it his voice was so raspy I couldn't believe he was even trying to sing. The funny thing is if you go way back to before he was discovered he had a decent voice. I guess he developed a style that worked for him. Listen to something like "Blue Yodel #2", he actually sang normal back then.

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