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An F word artiste

Road Runner

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I worked for the US Navy for 37 years.  Over those years, I worked around a lot of sailors and ex-sailors.  Some of those guys were artists in the incorporation of various curse words into their daily discourse.  One guy I worked with was an ex-sailor who had mastered the use of the F word.  His typical response to anything you said to him was, "What the fuck?".  You could say, "It sure is hot today!", and he would reply, "What the fuck!".  Another favorite response was "Fucking A!".   :D

He had a fun way of referring to people and things by injecting the F word into the middle of them.  So Square Wheels would be "Square Fucking Wheels" and RG would be "Random Fucking Guy".  Once you got used to this, he would just use acronyms with an F in the middle, such as "SFW", "RFG" or "RFR".  :lol:

That guy was a hoot to work with.  :D

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when I was a petty officer in the Navy, I got to hear some real first rate swearing. I remember during Tailhook, when the Navy was trying to crack down on non-PC talk, our Chief was telling us of the new policy about foul language and alcohol abuse and Ron said "Hell, Chief, that's the whole reason why I JOINED the Navy...I wanted to DRINK like a sailor and CUSS like a sailor and spend money like a DRUNKEN sailor!"

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