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Cycling, a contact sport


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30 minutes ago, 2Far said:

That pisses me off.  There is a crap ton of contact in a bunch sprint, pushing with shoulders and even your head.  But no one uses their hands.

Having said that, this was nothing compared to what Theo Bos did in the Tour of Turkey several years ago.  He should have been banned for life and jailed for a good long time.  Have a look:


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20 minutes ago, Goat Geddah said:

SW, is this a means of communicating that you don't want content such as this in the cafe?

Nope, not at all.  When we first started I had hoped people would post in the proper section, then it became apparent most people only visit this section and have no idea there are other sections.

One of the coolest features of this site is the streams.  The easiest way to get to them is to click Unread Content.  From there you can personalize the way the Unread Content link works.  If you want P&R posts in your stream, put them there.  If you only want to see Cafe posts, make it do that.  The default is to show all unread posts.

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