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Some More Classical Guitar


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This is even technically from the Classical period. Mauro Giuliani lived in Vienna at the same time that Beethoven and Rossini. Giuliani was even good friends with Rossini, and wrote variations of Rossini's Opera themes, which were real hot at the time.

This is his Grand Rondo, opus 109. A rondo is basically a 2 part form where the first part repeats like ABA. This one is subtitle "La Chasse" which means "the hunt". The theme in the A section is meant to be like the hunting horns. Now this isn't deer hunting, this is aristocrats on horses casing some poor critter across a field with a pack of dogs, but it has some similar things to any hunt. In the beginning is all the bombast and chest pounding before you set off, then you get out in the woods and it gets a little muddy or weird or a little crazy, then you came back home with all the bombast and chest pounding you left with.

That's what I try and bring out of this one anyway :)

This is actually a rarely played piece, Probably because its long and he wrote whole lot of other ones that people have probably heard, so everybody always plays those. anyhow, I learned this one in college, and haven't performed it in probably 30 years, but I'm dusting this one off to use at some things this spring and recorded it tonight


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