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Can I stay with you for a week?


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Just now, Scrapr said:

Only if you bring RO


Hmm, I think RO would like that!

I am staying at a friend's place, and my buddy's wife's mother is coming to visit for a couple of weeks.  I will be in the way and need to make myself scarce.

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12 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

Yes but I may not be here and there will be three women in the house.. er... on second thought we may be busy.. ;)  






Got a passport?  You are actually always welcome. 

I was about to post that same thing but you beat me to it.  Sorry RG.  You'll have to stay with Wilbur.


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12 hours ago, BR46 said:

We have a spare room with a bed your welcome to stay in. What the kid did in the bed when he lived at home I don't really want to know but your welcome to stay.

It can't be any worse than RG would probably do can it?

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