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Sometimes the bike is too heavy


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This is what I dragged up here today: 

work clothes:  shirt, cords, belt

Bag of un-popped popcorn

One empty mason jar

3 Pyrex glass dishes with lunch and food items

Strawberries in the plastic tote

An apple

Bag of peanuts

Bag of cashews

Tool kit

Empty coffee mug

Paddle ball game

Empty nalgene for water

5 sticky hand toys 

Lip balm

Metal knife, spoon and fork

One dish plate

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25 minutes ago, smudge said:


Some of the stuff makes sense, like the lunch and work clothing.

The empty jar is to return to my bee lady.  She will refill it with honey. 

The dishware, because I like to enjoy my lunch in a more refined way.  HAHA

The paddle ball games, for obvious reasons.

The sticky hands toys are for kids that might wander into my office.  This is a better option than candy for gifts.  



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