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Sling TV


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Don't have it as I'm a Big Ten fan so not good for me last check, but I know a lot that run it and love it.  You do have to have good internet though, my sister was mad when she found out her internet will not handle it, she's out in the country with little other options.


There is also Sony Playstation Vue now if you haven't looked at that.  It will work on a Ruku also from what I've seen.

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1 minute ago, Airehead said:

This is all a little Greek to me but Mr. Aire is really pissed at the cable people.

I'm on Uverse, other wise I'd be on DirecTV, they are same anymore as they are both owned by AT&T.  I freaking hate Comcast and that is the option here.  My wife's company does the set top boxes for Comcast, she says they are the worst to deal with on that end too.

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i have it and love it. WoScrapr has Direct tv which does not have pac 12 channel. But sling has it. So i pay for sling. I think I'm at 25 a month.

Probably 3 of the ochos. Couple SEC channels. 

What is your must have channels?

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2 hours ago, Airehead said:

for me, food tv and HGTV

Yep, covered. Scroll down to list of channels. Those are on the lowest tier. $20/mo


I use it on a Roku2, a Roku 3 and my laptop & phone (not much on phone) This is for 1 TV at a time. If you want to watch the Kitchen TV and Mr Aire wants to watch the big ginormous screen at the same time you add $5/mo I believe

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