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I'm sure it's no coincidence


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I'm sure it's not a coincidence that yesterday was not only the International Day of Happiness, but it was also World Frog Day!!  Frankly I'm surprised there wasn't more celebration of this event here :(  but clearly frogs and international happiness are strongly correlated (and not just because people are happy eating frog legs!  :angry:  )

The arrival of spring got all the attention, but spare a few kind thoughts for frogs and I'm sure you'll feel happier!

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You, the frog
You are a great warrior
Hiding in the grass
Your a predator ready to pounce
Upon his prey

You are a
Jagged arrow
Who shot through the grass
By your legs as mighty
As a horses legs

You are a dart
Of green
A blade that sticks
His prey.
From where did you learn your tactics?

A color changing chameleon
Hiding and ready
To besiege 
The castle

Yet, at the same time
A slippery
Gentleman from the green world
Where did such a handsome creature come from?

Tis you Sir Frogsalot
Brave and handsome
Valiant knight of

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