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Traveling Wilburys...

Green Grass

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15 minutes ago, Goat Geddah said:

Anyway, how much do you like the Wilburys?  

That first album is pure magic.

(though personally I could do without the song "Margarita")

"Heading For The Light" is a song I put on when I need a smile..... and Roy's vocal performance on "Not Alone Any More" is a killer.

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There was a band in South Dakota when I was in college named Asia. They had 2 albums and were a really good band!  They got paid a LOT of money to give up the name. I was hoping for so much more from the super group. To say I was let down and angry was a gross understatement! The original Asia was far superior, but as part of the deal, their albums had to disappear from the market, too. They did not rename themselves. Such a waste...

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