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I think we should invite bP to the forum?


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What would the point be?  Other than taunting a man who had no say in the forum upgrade.


I'm right with most of you regarding the forum format over there.  It's horrid.  I don't see it lasting much longer.




Yeap, I don't think Bp was pleased with the change, but he's always said, they don't ask for his opinion, he's just paid to moderate what ever POS they give him.

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It's weird. With the last "upgrade" I lost the ability to sign in with my phone & current laptop. It doesn't recognize my email as a valid account so it won't let me reset my password.  My old laptop logged right in & going to preferences, it's using the email that isn't recognized from my other devices.



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8 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

That forum has effectively been dead a long time.  Even the maggots have stopped chewing on its corpse.

It was my first forum love, though, so while I am sad, I have many fond memories of the people who posted there.

People that were not around for it's hay day will never completely understand.  It was so busy and fast paced that if you looked away for more than 10 min, you would be lost and the thread you were in was gone from the front page.  It was an awesome fun and a real time waster.

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