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Dog Walking Pics for Further (and no one else ?)

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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Not the park, but a 4 mile long, dead end dirt road nearby. They channelized the creek, to drain the mucklands for farming.


Cool, old, decrepit barn:


The yellow flowers? Nature’s way of saying “Stay the hell out”. It’s Pale Jewelweed. In and of itself, it’s harmless, but it’s a pretty good indicator of the presence of Poison Ivy. (It’s also supposedly and antidote for Poison Ivy).


Not sure what the hell this stuff is, but it’s pretty cool looking. (Probably a poisonous, non-native, invasive, or something).


The creek channel is about fifteen feet deep. Most of the time there’s only about a foot of water in it, but I have actually seen it overflow the top. ?. If you look closely, the deer have worn a path up the bank. I’ve seen some MONSTER bucks here.


I found another bee tree! (Only one so far this year. Last year I found three). Hard to see, but there’s a hive in this Box Elder).


The End:




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