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Yay WinDirStat! It helped me find the missing pictures......

Philander Seabury

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On the drive from Mrs. Mooseworth's dead laptop now in an external drive casing.  I coulda shoulda guessed that they were in Windows.old which musta been created by the Win 8 to Win 10 conversion, but this is a toy I've always wanted to try out.

So the cheapo Toshiba laptop we got from BJs lasted a few years, not bad.  The motherboard apparently crapped out, but the processor was aboot at the end of its rope anyways.


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11 minutes ago, jsharr said:

WinDirStat has saved my bacon with some Outlook issues more than once. And I use it to get rid of old Outlook files that clog up the tubes in my computer

If Windows 7 search didn't suck eggs I coulda' found them that way.  Apparently searching for *.jpg doesn;t go inside subfolders or something - it returned a measly 1600 or so files when there are actually at least 10,000.  I can probably find a replacement for Windows search at home, but at work I guess I'll just see what the situation is once we eventually go to Windows 10.  WinXP search was a thing of beauty, dog and all. :D


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