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Started thinking about those early morning commutes


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I was riding rural roads just before sunrise.

Barn cats would be sleeping on the road, I didn't have much of light, hell of a rush when an oil spot springs to life and snarls at you.

Raccoons were the exact opposite. They would cross the road on their way home, and payed no mind to a bicycle, damn near suicidal, and there were always more than one.

Those were good times 

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I used to count rabbits. On a good morning, I'd see about 20. 

Then there was the lady I used to scare the shit out of every morning. For a while there were two older women who used to walk the canal. When I first encountered them, I slowed down behind them and waited for a chance to pass. The one women about jumped out of her skin. After this happened a couple of times, I started saying "good morning" from a ways back. She STILL jumped about a half mile. Even the woman with her was like "WTH is wrong with you?" to her.


Now I miss my commutes, jerk. ?


(Of course that, and the constant drama are the only things I miss about that festering shithole)

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