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Breaded chicken

Square Wheels

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2 hours ago, pedalphile said:

The walking backwards thing when you can't see, cats do it too:

Mine used to do it if you stuck a piece of tape or a gift bow between his shoulder blades. Once he realized he couldn't reach it to get it off, he'd try to back out from under it, or make himself really long and low....

Hysteria ensued, until it fell off.

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47 minutes ago, Parr8hed said:

I used to hang a head of lettuce from a string in the chicken coop.  They would attack it like a piñata.  It was fun to watch!  They would go apeshit if you cut a watermelon in half and put it in the coop.

You want to see them go apeshit, through a Border Collie or Australian Sheppard in the coop.  :popcorn:

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