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Quote of the Day: Joseph Roux

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I think IB may be laboring under some sort of trouble, given the quality of his work.  Perhaps he's using store-brand batteries instead of Energizers, or maybe now SW is paying him at the same rate as the moderators.

Anyway, a suggestion for the Forum: should IB's performance fall short or fail to impress, post a favorite quote of your own.  Perhaps by us showing that humans are superior to bots, IB may take note and step us his game.



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36 minutes ago, pedalphile said:

So Ralph, in that regard, check out the Roux brothers, and Michel Roux junior.


Listening to Philly musician Deadfellow on the radidio right now.  I probably should have gone to listen in person.  But the Roux Bros. are on the Friday music list. now. :)  Assuming you are talking aboot music.


Oops - food! 

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