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Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.


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Got up early and headed to Phat Tire Bike shop in Bentonville.  I was tired because the hotel was on the interstate and very noisy.  After going through the rental agreement and an adjustment or two, we were off.  Me, the second pilot and the flighty.  My companions aren't riders but they were very willing participants which is really refreshing.  I rented a Trek Top Fuel. Great bike but the geometry felt off and I am a Specialized guy. :)  

We stayed pretty close to the bike shop, chasing the flow trails.  I wanted to drop my buddies in the worst way as they were incredibly slow so I did a lot of stopping and waiting.  Still though, a great time that sure beat the Walmart museum or sitting in a hotel room.  Pretty place around Bentonville.  I don't consider it a MTB destination but they have done some nice trail work with the geography they have.  

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Glad you had a fun time and that your companions were eager, even if not experienced (or fast).  Hope you have another good time today, although I still think you could fit in a visit to the Spark Cafe!

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