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I am not sure about the June ride...when does registration open?  I do know I have to make goals to ride...so I get out on my own.   I wouldn't mind finding a hiking or biking companion...but who knows...  Ian might be interested in riding Katy..but he could not do an organized one...too many people for a blind guy to navigate... However...the June ride sounds good to me!!  Ian could do the Mickelson with me...


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Here the info on the 2017 ride. The URL should be similar with the 7 changed to an 8. Sign-ups should start on March 1st. It usually fills up in about a month. It's limited to 350 riders who don't bunch up all that much except for meals!


One difference next year is that we will be leaving from St. Charles, which is near St. Louis, and heading west to Clinton. It's somewhat more difficult than the west-to-east as the prevailing wind is from the west plus there's a little more climbing that direction especially when we climb out of the river valley in Boonville. Still it's an old railroad trail and seldom gets steeper than 4%.

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