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My Lack of Action Has Me A Little Perturbed With Myself....


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Was leaving the grocery store and some homeless dude was weaving in & out of cars acting very sketchy. He approached my wife as we were loading the car and I turned to face him, made eye contact and took a couple of steps towards him and he turned direction and left.

So we have our groceries in the car and are leaving when he snatches a woman's purse and runs towards a car wash next door.  I tell my wife to stop the car and was about to give chase  but before I can exit two car wash attendants tackle the dude.

 Here's where it got bad tho and I'm kicking myself... His homeless buddy jumps in (who I never saw until that moment)  and now it's two on two but more guys from the car wash are running to help their buddies.  The victim is on the phone with police a few feet away so I made a mental assessment, 5 on 2 (the other car wash guys would have beat me to the fight) and PD has been notified so said screw it, they have everything covered so sit back down and tell my wife ice cream is melting so we boogie... But there was a fight 30' from me and I bailed?!?!?

15 years ago I witnessed a bank robbery and helped a security guard who was clearly losing the fight with the suspect  wrestle the guy down and i held him in a control hold while he cuffed him. Not sure why he tried to engage the guy but he needed help so I jumped in.  

Not sure why I didn't help this time???? Old age maybe....  Sounds weird maybe but I'm kinda struggling with my lack of action...

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12 minutes ago, Old#7 said:

Join a MMA club. All the action you want.

It's not that I seek nor need the action, I just don't ever remember walking away from a fight when help was needed.  Ive been in a fair number of them as an MP and cop so it isn't like I've never had to.... Maybe it wasn't needed but it wasn't settled when I left.  

This was a first for me.

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Note that many businesses will FIRE employees if they apprehend a thief in their store: the business is more worried about lawsuits than a theft!

It has reached the point where I fear getting sued for helping anyone unless I know the state has well-written Good Samaritan Laws. Maryland and all its surrounding states do. But many don't.

Many that do still require that if you do CPR, for example, you have a new or renewed CPR Card from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.  Otherwise you can be sued for trying to save someone's life even if you know exactly what you're doing or if there is no alternative to try to save the life!

For example, California did NOT have a Good Samaritan Law and a man, a passer-by, pulled a woman from a burning car, risking his life and saving hers.

It turns out she had had a neck problem and successfully sued him in court for making it worse by the way he removed her from the car.

I saw a video in the news a few years ago of a man lying in a street in Connecticut and dozens of passes-by did absolutely nothing to help.

Connecticut was another state with no Good Samaritan law.  I wonder if that had something to do with it - though I would have, at the least, phoned 911.

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