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Good Morning


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Well, you're half right - it is morning. 

Nothing remarkable today. Going out to run hills and stairs at lunchtime. Yay. ?

Have to go to the sheriffs' department again today after work to try and get a replacement pistol permit. This will be my fourth attempt to actually find someone there. ? Then I get to go over to State Farm and ask them why they're billing me for the Silverado I sold and transferred the plates (and insurance) from to the Ridgeline. The person who billed me apparently isn't talking to the person who reminded me that I would be losing the multi car discount, when I gave them the receipt for turning in the plates for the CR-Z. Morans.  

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A beautiful morning...a beautiful week..we actually have sunshine after a long stretch of daily rain of some kind or other!!  Heard a flock of geese this morning...must b a sign or something.  Temps expected to hit 80...the rest of the week,,a heat wave after 60's...  I am not sure when the last time was that we had the State Fair and didn't hit 90 at least once!!  We ain't gonna hit that this year.

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