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Our friend Jsharr has a great home life


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Last night I came home just as older son was about to leave to his school with a buddy to pick up schedules, meet teachers, etc.

Younger son was tired from football practice, so he got a pass from Scouts.

I fired up the laptop to work on some Scouting recruiting meetings for the Plano School District elementary schools.

Romeo, jumps up in my lap and then continues onto the desk and into the window sill without a pause.

Rascal, the broke back Dachsund, yipped and scratched at my ankles until I lifted him into my lap, from which he too crawled onto the desk top and into the window sill.

Remi, the hound dog just came and stood by me.  He did not crawl into my lap or onto the counter, but he has been known to put his paws on the counter so he can look out the window too.

I did stop to grill some hot dogs for Ryan and I and then I went back to work on Scouting until Martha and Wade got home from school night thing.

The end.

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