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8/29 miles and such


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nice ride LJ. I got nothing. Rained here all day. I went by Wegmans for eggs, chips and mangoes and saw that the Hatch chile peppers were in. I picked up a pound of those to blister, peel and freeze. I made LGBT sammiches for dinner (Ambrosia stopped by). Lettuce, guacamole, bacon and tomato make a good sammich. After Ambrosia left, I made more mango habanero salsa. The Hatch chiles are in the freezer and my feet are up waiting for laundry.

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16.8@13.1.  Crushed limestone converted rail to trail. The State Fair traffic patterns make our local group rides a little sketchy. Some of us went about 25 miles east to check out a new trail we heard about. Trail is still new enough that my non suspension MTB was about the perfect ride!  Beautiful weather and my favorites from our cycling group. A very fun night. Wish I had photos to share. 

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