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Small town dirt


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Not as small as Oakridge, but we got a little embezelment going on from a construction company. $700,000. 258 guns!

So the embezeler (is that like bejeweling?) tries to blackmail the company owner with tales of a "monkey video" I hope the local police blog digs deep on this video. I think a FOIA request will be upcoming. It's video gold Jerry!


The letter, made public after being entered into the court record, is a proposed deal, wherein Walton claims to have dirt on Ron Robinson, the company and family members, including “corrupt, unethical, fraudulent and outright illegal activities.”

This includes something called the “monkey video incident” and something that would put that incident “to shame.”

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1 hour ago, Dirtyhip said:

Oh my.  I like the angle.  A bunch of guns would be handy. :cheerleader:

Yeah. My little brother had 2 gun safes full of guns we had to move up here to Oregon from Cali. The stack was about 3 feet high in the SUV. LOL. Good thing they did not get pulled over

But...a monkey video??? What the hell is that? My mind does not even go there. If I knew where the Chat & Chew was I'd ask  there

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