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Chain Reaction Bicycle Project


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Many of you are aware that I have volunteered at  Chain Reaction Bicycle Project. CRBP is a non-profit bike shop that repairs and sells donated bikes.  Bikes are sold for a small amount or if the purchaser is unable to pay they can be worked off.  Most of the cost of running CRBP comes from donations.  We are having a fundraiser for the month of September.  


I have pledged to ride every day in during September. I will post my mileage each day so you can hold me accountable for that. Chain Reaction Bicycle Project helps many who could not afford bikes to be able to get them. They also provide education on proper safety and bike maintenance. Many who get bikes from them have no other transportation. Please support me as I ride to raise money for them.

I'm offering to match donations up to the $100 goal that I have set so i I get friends to donate and reach the $100 it will cost me another 100 to match it.

Link to fund raising page.


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2 hours ago, F_in Ray Of Sunshine said:

Wait, so you want me to donate.....but YOU get to go to the brewery?? What the hell kind of shitty deal is that??

This is costing me $100 since I already hit that goal.  I think my friends like to cost me money..

Ray,  if you donate and show up at the brewery on Sept 30 I will buy you your first beer.

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3 minutes ago, Digital_photog said:

Someone made a very generous donation to my ride.  I don't recognize the name.  If you are a forum member can you send me a message so I know who to thank?

It wasn't me.  If you can't destroy Trudeau in 2019, you don't get a penny. :)  

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