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Life and our path


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This weekend, we are doing something that is a step towards a huge change in our life.  There are so many emotions.  Fear, excitement, and some wonder.  I have been doing quite a bit of day dreaming about a fresh canvas in a new riding area.  

Crazy stuff.  

We just hope we can find a place to build a home, where we will be happy and content.

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1 minute ago, smudge said:

You're buying land??

Yes.  This weekend, we are going back to hopefully put in an offer, and we have a meeting with a contractor at the property.  

It seems like a pristine piece of property.  Backs to open space city property on a river and a bike trail.  Several good quality bike trails are within riding distance from the home.  There are many more rides within a short drive.  The mountains around it are beautiful and the local newspaper is charming, The Dead Mountain Echo.  :wub:   3000 population in the town, and many friends within the area that want to ride here. 

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2 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

Employment near by?  Doctors?  At least not too far?   Sounds lovely....every time I pass a small house for sale...I wish it was mine...So if you want it....do it... :cheerleader:

Not much employment.  I am willing to bet I could find work at the bike shop of shuttle company.  There is a clinic for K.  We don't care about the job thing, tho. This is retirement home.

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Good luck, DH

word of (good?) advice. Don't let the first contractor you talk to become your go to guy. Frankly I'd go look in Eugene and see if they can work out there. A lot of small town builders are kinda loosey goosey in their habits. They can cut a lot of corners. Especially if you aren't there every day/week. It becomes "good enough" and Can't see it from my house BS

And i might ask them about Earth Advantage certification. It is really a step up. It has outside inspections. Especially blower door tests.Test for leakiness of the house. You will be chasing them durn leaks forever. Do it right up front

This guy looks like he has some credentials. He sounds like he might be good. And his CCB number is lower than mine!He can draw your home & build it. That Sustainable Building Advisor is good stuff. 



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