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Gonna Bake


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I use to bake..cookies, cakes and pies...at least a few times a year..but no need to bake for one...But I gotta make these bars for the memorial service tomorrow night..and since my pole didn't work I opted for a cake like lemon bar...However I decided to spring for new baking soda and powder....and flour....I also copied a pumpkin snickerdoodle  recipe..won't make them this weekend but...maybe for Sept 28 for National Poetry Day...some residents plan to celebrate :cheerleader:   Like any skill use it or lose it....I am gonna try to bake a bit more...either bring it to work or church... Not tons of baking...but maybe once a month or every 2 months...just to keep some kind of skill going...

Getting a late start because a resident who moved out (most do not MOVE out)..was at the building today  and giving me heck for not coming to their Wednesday Night Happy hour (happy hour wine was $4.41)...I went once back in December...so I stopped tonight...Now I have to bake...just giving the butter a chance to thaw a bit.

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I ran a Café at church on Sunday mornings. Every Saturday night I baked. I always baked coffee cake and muffins, sometimes I baked biscotti.  At times if I was feeling experimental I would make carrot cake or something like that. I did that for probably ten years or so.  When we moved to the Ohio campus of our church they had it covered so I quit baking.

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