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So...do you guys think this will be a collector's item now?


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My son was a huge Glad Guerrero fan when he played  for the Angels. I bought him a jersey for Christmas that he wore nearly every day when he was little.  The Angels inducted him into their HOF a week ago and he broke out his stained & faded jersey and went to the game.  It was cool to see.

Team jerseys aren't my thing but they usually blow out the jerseys for traded or those gone via free agency for pennies on the dollar.

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On 9/3/2017 at 8:52 AM, BuffJim said:

Needs some dirt and grass stains. Maybe a little blood. Don't follow baseball much anymore. Does he still play?  Still on the Tigers. Weas he part of that beanball kerfuffle a couple weeks ago?

Not on the Tigers anymore, just traded to Houston two weeks ago.  Still one of the best long-game pitchers in baseball.

Was not part of the kerfuffle.

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