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Yes it is.  The first of the so called super speedways of NASCAR, often called the lady in black.  It's a very tough track to drive and it eats tires.  Rookies don't usually do well there and the list of winners includes some of the great names.  The track is egg shaped because of a deal concerning a farmer, a field and a pond that narrowed down one corner.  The track is also changed from back in my day as the front straight used to be the back and vice versa.  When I last attended the front straight stands were covered with a steel roof, presumably to keep the sun off but they turned the place into an oven.  The race used to be on a Monday because of the blue laws about Sunday racing but the laws have been changed.  Outside of what is now the back straight the road that runs through the center of the area is also home to the Darlington stock car museum, one time best museum for stock car racing.  Daytona USA seems to have stolen a bit of it's thunder.

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