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You guys don't seem to be in a great mood today, why?


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5 minutes ago, Digital_photog said:

I'm very happy.  Had a great ride.  Now I'm tired so don't bother my nap


9 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

I for one, am very happy.  I am wondering if RO got meatballs at IKEA though. :)  


He did just kind of desert us in the middle of the excitement, no?   :(

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After my walk this morning...I had a sammich :nodhead: I was here for a bit..thought I would take a short nap...and the lawn people showed up :angry:  I guess they did not have a holiday!  I went through a bunch of clothes I brought home in May...they have just been sitting in my closet :wacko:  My neighbor took a few pieces, I kept a few...and the rest went into the donation bag :nodhead:

While my neighbor was here...I got two pictures up..so the wall at my entrance is DONE and the wall by my clock has been done.  I still need to hang the family pics in the hallway...can't decide if I want to leave room for friends on that wall as well...

Now, I am trying to go thru some recipes that I have "saved"...:blink: I will never make all of these things...and with the internet...why would I need to?  

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I went to a cook-in at Mom Kirby's.  My sisters were there and we had a nice time with typical picnic fare.  The cat that my sister rescued from the streets is adapting nicely to living with my Mom and seems quite pleased to be getting regular meals, soft places to sleep and toys.

But not only do I have to go back to work tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment early in the AM.  Thinking of that isn't the best way to end the weekend.

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