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Someone was in a hurry


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41 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

Major?  That is a parking lot accident! :)  


20 minutes ago, pedalphile said:

No, the yellow thingy is definitely not for parking in, it is the road.


6 minutes ago, 2Far said:

What is the yellow thingy?


2 minutes ago, Caretaker said:

It's where you're not to drive into unless you can exit. Widely ignored here.

That damn yellow thing is a wibbly wobbly mess of confusion.  I feel that one would be obligated to run into another car in the zone of confusion in an attempt to garner more potato points.  Who ever painted that is to blame.  I am looking at Piet Mondrian as a possible suspect.  Possilby one of his early works.

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1 minute ago, BuffJim said:

Fondly remembering my 2008 trip to Mumbai. My taxi had 5 fender benders on my trip to the airport. More like bumper cars. Never even got out of the car.

People only follow traffic signs and signals if there is a policeman with an automatic rifle.

No respect for the bolt action?

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