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Equifax data breach


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Oh, this makes me sooooo mad. 2/3 of our population has been affected.  You can go sign up for free identity theft protection. If you type your data in, all they say is that you are likely affected by the breach.  


Meanwhile, the Equifax execs sold their shares, before the news broke.  Isn't that insider trading?  They say they knew nothing about the breach prior to sale.  The timing is too coincidental to be true, IMHO.

I am so sick of the greed, and corruption.  I grow tired of working hard at a credit score that could be meaningless with outside tampering.



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Those three execs will be under VERY close scrutiny and will most likely lose their jobs as a result of the sale.  If it is proved they knew of the breach and sold as a result, the repercussions will be much greater.  Equifax may be telling the truth that it had not informed them, but that does not mean they did not hear something that made them cash out.

I would like to know what their total postion was and how much of it was sold.  Company is saying it was a small percentage.  If so, these guys are all sitting on millions in stock, as the sales were 900k, 600K and 250K or there abouts.  

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1 minute ago, maddmaxx said:

Credit score companies have always been a money making scam.  How to make millions with an artificial product that you control.

Rush Creek Yacht Club here in Dallas was started by the Chilton family.  They wanted a place to race sailboats.  Gotta give them credit for that at least.

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One report says they typed "TEST" as the last name and "123456" into the Equifax check site and it said "you may be affected."  It typed other nonsense and got varied answers.

I got "may be affected."

Supposedly on 391,000 had credit card info stolen and they were people disputing charges, etc.

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1 minute ago, Thaddeus Kosciuszko said:

Data 'encryption' and 'security' are similar to locks on the doors of your house.

They only keep out the honest and the lazy.

And the forgetful.  Wade forgets his house keys all the time. He spent hours in the backyard this week waiting for someone to get home and let him in.

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