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Pitched My Last Game Last Night


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11 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

Was a close game but we lost.... Fielded a couple of come backers and turned a double play.  Went 3 for 3 batting but had a pinch runner. Oh and my ankle is freaking flaming again, 1st time in 2 weeks and oh gee my last game was 2 weeks ago.

Yeah I'm done....

That has to be very bittersweet. 

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42 minutes ago, jsharr said:

They gonna retire your jersey?

We do have team jerseys but my daughter and I both are #9. I'm the 9th child, she's the 9th grandchild and we both always wore that number on sports teams. 

So when we had the jerseys made I told her I'm the original #9, find a new number. She refused so we have identical jerseys albeit hers is much smaller.

So no retirement but only one #9 now.

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1 hour ago, 2Far said:

Congrats/sorry to hear. 

You given any thought about going to an ortho for a consultation/diagnosis/treatment??

That ankle ain't going to get any better with age & maybe you could prevent/retard further deterioration? Dunno. 

My FIL suggested the same and I just might but the reality is I can walk without pain, even jog a few miles pain free. Sprint hard out of the box, jam on the brakes at 2nd or 3rd, forget it.... when I'm not playing softball it really doesn't impact my life...

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