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Damn No More Gears....


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Dontcha hate it when that happens??? I went on a road ride, wifey wasn't feeling so hot so I rode on my own.  

I picked a route that hade a long gradual climb, makes a hard left, levels off as it cross a street and then a longer steeper climb.  Total climb was about 2 miles, steepest part is the last part.  So my plan was to hammer the first part, catch my breath as i cross the street and then hammer the lower part of the second part and dump it in the granny gear and just survive when i blew..

So everything went to plan until I blew a lung about 60% up the final climb. No worries, push the lever and...... nothin.!!!!  WTF I'm already in my granny gear.... Oh shit.

Needless to say it was a rough 1/2 mile or so as I slogged over the hill nearly teetering over.... But I made it!



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I bought my 18-speed steed in Plano, Tx which is as flat as it is aptly named. I went to Orlando from there, where an overpass is the only rise in the terrain. 

Then, I went to the north side of the Atl.


 I ended up going with the next size larger cassette and a compact crank. 

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