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Bike relations


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Met a lot of first cousins I hadn't been in contact with for decades over the weekend. Back in the 1950s and early 60s I would be brought down the country by my father on the train to visit my country relations on the farm where he grew up. The farm has changed a lot primarily because of the rural economy where the general informed response is "there's no money in farming".

Lots of agri-tourism and kids who don't want the farm life.

Most of the stone farm buildings are now a tourist hostel and another cousin has an angling centre with trout fishing on a lake to supplement the income from the other farm he married into.

Have added the hostel to my cycling bucket list as I reckon it's within one long day's ride of Dublin.



An old Raleigh I found lying in one of the stone farm buildings


This was for breaking up root vegetables for animal feed I think but now is just a decorative item. Caught my interest because the company that made it were one of the last manufacturers of bicycles in Ireland



Mostly sheep on the farm now whereas back in the 50/60s there were cattle, pigs, chickens and geese. 


Trout lake on the other cousin's farm that attracts anglers


Another bit of vintage farm machinery decorating the farmyard.

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